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Georgian Cuisine

At Bevri we cook dishes that were created in the beautiful country of Georgia. You may find some other dishes in our menu, because they are gorgeous too.

Also, we have Georgian wine. The tradition goes back to 8,000 years ago with more than 500 indigenous grapes. We have just a few of them. It's only a start.

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Georgian Wine Tasting

  • Bevri 530 Bryant Street Palo Alto, CA, 94301 United States (map)

Georgia is the oldest wine region in the world, where people started turning grape juice into wine 8,000 years ago. We offer wine tasting, where you can learn about Georgia, Georgian wine making and, of course, try Georgian wine. Since we’re a Georgian restaurant, we offer you to try Georgian food from our menu. You’ll certainly enjoy it.

This time we’ll try 5 new wines that haven’t been in our menu yet. Your feedback will be highly valued if you’d like them to see them added to Bevri’s wine list.

Wine Thieves Rkatsiteli 2016

This exceptional dry white wine is from a village in Kakheti. The vines were cultivated without using any chemicals. The wine is made from Rkatsiteli grapes fermented and aged in qvevri. This is a cheerful, aromatic wine with a pleasant acidity, notes of citrus and dried flowers.

Danieli Kisi Qvevri 2016

Medium-gold to the eye, this wine has an interesting nose of grapefruit and coffee bean. It has flavors of pink grapefruit, almond paste, toast, vanilla and lemon curd and a slightly savory undercurrent on the palate that surges forward with notes of thyme and oregano on the finish.

Bibineishvili Chkhaveri 2015

Chkhaveri is an ancient pinkish-violet late ripening grape variety native to the Guria/ Adjara region near the Black Sea and the Georgian/ Turkish border. Exactly how Chkhaveri is supposed to be made or taste has been lost, but as far as winemaker Luka Bibineishvili is concerned, it's "Aia Yi!," which roughly translates as “This is it" in the local dialect. The 2015 "Aia Yi!” was harvested on December 12th as Chkhaveri does not accumulate a lot of sugar and tends to have good acidity and modest alcohol level even when ripe. After a natural fermentation that included 3 weeks of maceration with skins and stems, the wine aged until March of 2017 when it was bottled. Chkhaveri’s color and particular character, coupled with the extremely late harvest and maceration, result in a light, phenolic, especially savory wine of dimension and length. "Aia Yi!” is burnished rose, strangely perfumed, subtle and structured. This wine will continue to develop in the bottle for 5 or more years.

Tsikhelishvili Jgia 2016

The winery is an old family estate. In the vineyard and cellar, organic and natural winemaking methods are used. The wine is fermented in qvevri. Jgia is an extremely rare red grape variety, unusually pale and nuanced for a Kakhetian red.

Shavnabada Saperavi 2007

Dark and brooding with intense earthiness. This saperavi was aged for almost 10 years buried in the earth right outside a church. Take a sip, close your eyes, and you will feel transported to another time and place. Pairs perfectly with most meat or mushroom based dishes.

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