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Georgian Cuisine

At Bevri we cook dishes that were created in the beautiful country of Georgia. You may find some other dishes in our menu, because they are gorgeous too.

Also, we have Georgian wine. The tradition goes back to 8,000 years ago with more than 500 indigenous grapes. We have just a few of them. It's only a start.

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Georgian Wine Tasting

  • Bevri 530 Bryant Street Palo Alto, CA, 94301 United States (map)

Georgia is the oldest wine region in the world, where people started turning grape juice into wine 8,000 years ago. We offer wine tasting, where you can learn about Georgia, Georgian wine making and, of course, try Georgian wine. Since we’re a Georgian restaurant, we offer you to try Georgian food from our menu. You’ll certainly enjoy it.

This time we'll talk about some of the best Georgian wines you can buy in California.

Tavkveri – Gotsa

Tavkveri grape is indigenous to Kartli region but also grown in Kakheti. Tavkveri grows well in deep clay and sandy soils. Tavkveri is produced both in modern and Qvevri styles; modern production may include time in oak barrels. A reasonably versatile variety, it can be an attractive, middleweight dry red, rosé, sparkling, fortified or dessert wine.

Light-bodied, easy drink, mineral native taste between juiciness and bitterness of wild berries with cheerful black pepper aftertaste.

Rkatsiteli – Vinoterra

The Vinoterra Rkatsiteli is a perfect intro into Georgian Amber qvevri wines. Vinoterra is now the largest qvevri producer after starting out as a family project in 2003. Winemaker Gogi Dakishvili crafts this all natural wine with the western pallet in mind. His qvevri wines have all of the characteristics of authentic Georgian qvevri wine but with elevated acidity and more rounded tannin.

A light nose with hints of apple and pear. Good mouthfeel with lots of minerality, acidity and real grip on the finish. It’s impressively fresh and tense until the finish, when the spiced mead-like earthy notes begin to weigh the wine down.

Kisi – Vinoterra

Kisi (pronounced Key-see) a rare varietal once almost extinct is on the rise again. Vinoterra made their first Kisi in 2006 when no one else was making a commercial Kisi. Each year they make a limited amount of Kisi in the traditional qvevri style with 6 months of skin contact. Kisi tends to be more Aromatic than Rkatisteli but with sound structure, aggressive tannin and balance acidity. It is a perfect varietal for the Kakhetian style ready for aging.

From Wine & Spirits Magazine: "Kisi’s sweet, golden apple and Bartlett pear flavors gain richness from time spent in earthenware qvevri, brown sugar notes joining tannic skin tones to create a warm, earthy symphony of flavor. The wine lasts, a rich minor chord of juicy, autumnal flavor, the acidity in the wine carrying an energy like a piano string vibrates with sound."

Saperavi – Dilao

Dila-o (dee-la-oh) is a new brand from the Teleda winery with the ambition to make fantastic Georgian qvevri wines.

100% Saperavi fermented in qvevri, large-clay jars buried underneath the ground, unfiltered and low-sulfite for a fantastic value. A lovely dark color, aromas of violets and plum followed by dark brambly fruits, a touch of black pepper and earthiness on the palette. A young fresh Georgian qvevri red with finesse.

Mukuzani - Teliani Valley

Teliani Valley Mukuzani (pronounced moo-koi-zah-nee) is 100% Saperavi (pronounced saw-pear-ah-vee) grapes sourced from the PDO (Protected District of Origin) Mukuzani in the Kakheti appellation. Saperavi is a shockingly good varietal and the most grown red grape in Georgia. The Teliani Valley Mukuzani wine sees nine months of oak barrel aging but mostly second use oak.

A complex aroma followed by fresh sour cherry on the front moving into spicy oak, black pepper and earthy tones finishing with firm tannins.

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